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Reliable Internet With a Satellite Internet Scotland Package

Poor internet service isn't uncommon in rural areas, particularly remote communities and islands. From the Highlands to the Northern Isles of Shetland and Orkney, fibre-optic broadband for high-speed internet is still lacking. With satellite internet, all you need is the right equipment in your home to benefit from our reliable service.

The lack of high-speed broadband internet in rural areas means you have less access to services and information. If you want to join a video conference for your job, you need a dependable and fast internet connection. With high-speed internet, you can enjoy many possibilities, such as:

  • Stream the latest Rangers, Celtic, Hibs or Hearts game
  • Watch Scotland take on the world's best in the Six Nations
  • Study online with virtual classes

Konnect's rural broadband Scotland service uses satellite technology to deliver connectivity anywhere.

Broadband Internet for Everyone

Offering speeds of up to 75 Mbps, satellite broadband customers can benefit from fast internet without fibre optic technology. You can stream and download without any issues, so you'll never miss the latest Netflix releases. Our satellite broadband internet offers:

  • Better performance than some ADSL options
  • Similar speeds to fibre broadband
  • Simple installation

You don't have to wait until fibre reaches your home. If you live in an area with poor internet access in Scotland, we provide a fast alternative.

Affordable Rural Broadband Scotland Packages

Fast, reliable internet is possible anywhere in the country, whether you live in a remote village in the Highlands or a bustling city like Glasgow and Edinburgh. With Konnect's satellite broadband Scotland service, residents can easily get connected.

When you sign up with Konnect, a certified installation technician will get you started if you want to avoid a DIY installation. We will send you all the equipment, including a satellite dish that emits and receives broadband signals. Also provided is a satellite Wi-Fi router for wireless internet. New subscribers benefit from simple installation, too.

You can stream the latest rugby match and work or study from home with a reliable connection. Thanks to our satellite technology, you don't have to live in Edinburgh to enjoy seamless video streaming and fast downloading speeds. You also don't have to wait until fibre broadband reaches your home to enjoy fast internet today!

Get Connected With Satellite Broadband

Konnect offers value and speed with our satellite internet Scotland packages. So wherever you live, you can enjoy seamless streaming, downloading and browsing. Do not hesitate to subscribe to a satellite broadband package anymore!

Konnect's satellite internet service covers the whole of the UK: