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Satellite Broadband That Keeps You Connected

Rural areas often suffer from poor access to reliable high-speed internet. This lack of access impacts your access to services, including web-based learning. It also means you might not be able to depend on a good connection for work, especially if you attend video conferences regularly.

Whether you live in a rural community in Yorkshire Dales or have a vacation home in a remote area of the Lake District, satellite internet England will give you a better connection. Never again will you miss a Premier League game or the latest releases on your favourite streaming media platform.

High-Speed Internet for Everyone

Dial-up is no longer your only option in areas without fibre-optic broadband. With connection speeds of up to 75 Mbps, you can stream and download without issues. Satellite internet offers better performance than ADSL, and you can expect speeds similar to other broadband solutions. Don't wait until fibre reaches your home! Choose the satellite broadband service from Konnect.

Everything you need comes included with your package, such as:

  1. A satellite internet dish to transmit and receive broadband internet signals. A satellite internet Wi-Fi router to connect your devices to the internet.
  2. No other equipment is needed. If you're a new customer, you can opt for professional installation by a technician who will get you connected or opt to self-install.

High-Speed Rural Broadband England Deals

You do not need to live in London or Manchester to benefit from high-speed broadband internet. With satellite broadband from Konnect, rural communities across England enjoy fast and reliable internet service.

Besides a dish and router for your home, no additional infrastructure is required for satellite internet technology. Furthermore, unlike other internet solutions, you do not have to wait until a service provider installs new access points near your property. That makes satellite broadband ideal for both rural and remote communities in England.

Get Connected With Satellite Broadband

Enjoy great speeds and value with our satellite broadband deals. Thanks to Konnect, you can experience seamless downloading, streaming and browsing in no time. Contact us to learn more or sign up for one of our affordable internet service packages.

Konnect's satellite internet service covers the whole of the United Kingdom: