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Internet Anywhere With a Satellite Broadband Package

Rural areas often suffer from poor internet service. In some more remote communities, broadband infrastructure may not be possible. With the lack of infrastructure, you might not be capable of enjoying high-speed internet with a fibre-optic broadband solution.

The lack of connectivity in rural areas often means limited access to web information and services. Having a quality internet service can positively impact your life in many ways:

  • Studying online with virtual classes
  • Streaming videos on your favourite platform
  • Fast downloading speed

Broadband access in rural communities is often much lower than in bigger cities. That's why our broadband internet uses satellite technology to deliver reliable high-speed connectivity anywhere you live.

Fast, Reliable Internet for Everyone

With an average speed of up to 75 Mbps, our broadband service lets you stream, download and surf with ease. That means you can enjoy better performance with broadband than ADSL. The speed is even comparable to a fibre broadband connection.

Our service is simple to install, no matter where you are in Northern Ireland. So if you live in a rural area with poor internet and want reliable access, choose a super-fast satellite broadband solution from Konnect.

Rural Broadband Northern Ireland Deals

High-speed satellite internet is possible wherever you live, thanks to Konnect's satellite broadband service. We deliver all the equipment you need, including a dish to emit and receive satellite broadband signals. You also get a satellite Wi-Fi router. Plus, professional installation is available for new subscribers if you’re not keen on DIY installations.

Stream the latest rugby matches and work or study from home with a reliable connection. You don't have to live in Belfast to enjoy seamless streaming videos. Thanks to our satellite technology, you also don't have to wait until fibre broadband reaches your home to enjoy a fast internet connection.

Get Connected With Konnect

Enjoy great value and fast speeds almost anywhere in Northern Ireland with Konnect. Contact us today to learn more about our packages. We also have satellite internet deals for:

If you're ready to get connected, sign up now and start enjoying the opportunities that improved connectivity brings.