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Becoming a customer

What is unlimited satellite broadband?

With konnect's unlimited packages, you get internet access with no data cap so you can use the Internet with total peace of mind. However, if a large number of customers are using the service at the same time, the speed may be adjusted to ensure that everyone can use the service with optimal performance. Depending on which package you choose, you receive a certain amount of data called priority data which is protected from these speed adjustments if there is a lot of traffic.

Konnect tip! During the night, between 1 am and 6 am, none of your usage will be counted. You should therefore take advantage of this period to programme the download of your biggest files, such as updates and video content.

What download and upload speeds can I expect?

Nowadays, satellite performance is comparable with fixed landline (ADSL, VDSL2) broadband and even superfast broadband, offering download speeds of up to 100 Mbps (average of 75 Mbps) with our best packages. 

Konnect offers up to an average of 3 Mbps when uploading. These speeds vary depending on the package you choose. All our packages let you use the Internet for anything you want: online browsing, sending emails, social media, streaming music and videos, etc.

Speeds may vary and depend on various factors. If a large number of people are using the network, your browsing speed may be affected. 

If you notice that you need more priority speed Internet every month, you can switch to a higher subscription package by contacting your konnect customer service team.

How is the equipment installed?

When we receive your subscription, our team will contact you to arrange an installation date. The installer will set up your equipment: they will install the antenna, start up the konnect box and check that your Internet service is working properly. 

Can I install my equipment myself?

Installing konnect equipment can be rather complex depending on where you live. The cable must be good quality and the antenna correctly positioned to optimise the signal and ensure you get the highest-quality service. That's why a professional installer contacts you after your subscription to carry out your installation.

Are there any limits on my data usage?

All our packages come with unlimited usage. That means you cannot run out of data. Each package also includes a set amount of priority data where your speeds will be highest. This is 20GB for konnect Easy, 60GB for konnect Zen and 120GB for konnect Max. To experience the fastest speeds, it's important you choose a package with enough priority data to cover your needs. Any data used between 1 am and 6 am won't be counted so you can schedule major downloads and updates overnight. 

Managing my account

How long will I be tied in for?

We are sure that you will be happy with the service, but if not, you have the right to withdraw from the service up to 14 days after your package has been installed and activated.

After this, konnect packages generally include a 12-month commitment. After 12 months, the subscription is renewed monthly, which makes it easy for you to end the contract if your situation changes.

Can I change to a different package?

If you want to change package, you can! Just contact your konnect customer service team and an adviser will be happy to help you and inform you of any conditions associated with these changes.

How can I change my mind after signing up for a konnect package?

You can cancel your order anytime before your equipment is installed and activated. Simply call your konnect customer service team or get in touch via your My konnect Customer Portal. 

Once installed and activated, if you have purchased your subscription online or over the phone, you have the right to change your mind and request a withdrawal.  

This consumer right extends up to fourteen (14) days from when the services included in your satellite broadband package are activated.

In addition to the foregoing, under the current “60-Day No Commitment Promise” applicable to any first subscription made between May 1st, 2021, and June 30, 2021, you have the possibility to terminate your contract without paying the termination fee for a period up to sixty (60) calendar days following the Activation of the service. Your commissioning fee will be refunded but you will not be refunded any non-standard installation costs if they apply.

In any case, you will need to return the Wi-Fi Modem (accompanied by the cables and power supply) within a period of thirty (30) days since the communication of the withdrawal/termination. Failure to do so will result in an invoice.

To exercise your right to withdraw, just fill in the downloadable form available here and return it, within the period of fourteen (14) days, to the following address: Eutelsat S.A. – konnect Service Management Client – 32, Boulevard Gallieni - 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux – France for all countries except for installations in Spain, for which you should send it to the following address : Europasat Ibérica SL - Servicio de Gestión de Clientes konnect - Paseo de la Florida nº 16 – 1ºE - 28008 – Madrid España

You can also send a written request to the same address (but please note that in order to allow us to process your request, it must contain the same information as the form, i.e. your full name, installation address, the name of the package, the activation date of your package and, preferably, the reason for your change of mind).

In addition, you can also send your withdrawal request from your My konnect customer portal. 

When will my package be activated?

Once the subscription has been confirmed, we will arrange an installation appointment with you. The Internet package will be activated as soon as the installer has entered the -Activation Key- . This finalises activation of the konnect box (installation generally takes place about four weeks after subscription). 

How do I buy or add an option to my subscription?

It's easy to add an option to your subscription! Contact your konnect customer service team.

When will my option be activated?

If the option is purchased with an internet package, it will be activated at the same time as the internet package. If the option is purchased at a later date, it will be activated immediately (or just a few minutes) after purchase. 

What options do konnect offer?

The offers available with your konnect package are listed on, once you select a package. New customers can purchase an option at the same time as subscribing to a package. Existing customers can add options to their subscriptions by calling the konnect customer service team.

What are the terms and conditions when purchasing a konnect product?

View the Contractual Conditions within the "Shop with confidence" section on the website. If you sign up to a konnect package you will receive a copy of the Contractual Conditions attached to the Contract which you will need to sign and return to us. 

Can I refer my friends and family? If so, how?

You will be able to refer your friends and family very soon; the konnect team is working on it. But if you subscribe and you like the service, please feel free to let everyone know!

How can I monitor my data usage?

Customers of konnect can monitor their data usage in the My konnect customer portal.

Using the My konnect Customer Portal

How can I access My konnect Customer Portal?

Your My konnect Customer Portal is accessed by visiting and clicking on ‘Sign in’.

How do I log in to My konnect Customer Portal?

First visit: and click on ‘Sign in’. Here you will be asked to fill in your email address and password. The email address will be the same as you used when you first signed up to your konnect service. If you aren’t sure which email you used, have a look through your inboxes until you find your konnect confirmation emails. This will be the email address to use.

Fill in your password and click on ‘Sign in’.

What happens if I forget my login details?

If you have forgotten your password, visit: and click on ‘Reset My Password’. You will be prompted to fill in your email address and will receive an email to this address with a code, which will allow you to verify your email. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your new password and login.

If you no longer have access to the email address you first signed up with, you will need to get in touch with Customer Services on 01869 222332.

My Internet is slow, how do I test my speed?

If your connection is slow, we will need a speed test from you to help us pinpoint any issues.   

To run a speed test you simply need to go to and follow the instructions.

How do I raise a case with Customer Services?

Raising a case with konnect Customer Services is simple. First, log in to your My konnect Customer Portal. Then, navigate to the Assistance section.

Once in the Assistance section, please check out our self-help tips as these may cover the issue you are experiencing. If you have read the most relevant of the frequently asked questions and still need assistance, click on No in response to the question ‘Did this solve your issue’.

Raising a ticket part 1


You will then be presented with a form to submit your question to us.

Submitting a ticket

konnect & the Internet

How can I protect myself from online threats?

The Internet is a tool that is open to the entire world, and it can serve as a vehicle for many different kinds of threats to your IT equipment, the security of your personal data and your private life. We recommend that our customers find out about potential threats and obtain protection (anti-virus software, etc.).

How do I manage parental control?

Internet access opens up the world and provides many opportunities. However, children may access information that could be offensive, and they could come into contact with people with malicious intent. We recommend that our customers find out about these threats and use a parental control tool to protect their children from potential danger. To assist you with this we have listed some of these tools in the Standard Information Sheet provided on

Contact us

How do I contact my konnect team or get help?

To contact your konnect team, call 900 838 577 from Spain.
Call us Monday to Saturday 9 am - 6 pm.

How do I make a complaint?

For any type of issue, please check the Frequently Asked Questions section of the My Konnect Customer Portal first, as it contains a lot of information, particularly about the performance of your Internet connection. If you can't find the answer to your problem, please contact your konnect customer service team directly or create a ticket. Our advisers will try to find the best solution to you request.