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Prior to installation


Please ensure you have any necessary permissions prior to the installation. This could be approval from your landlord if the building is rented or approval from the relevant authority if the building is listed. 

The satellite dish is a light grey, elliptical dish, which measures 74cm by 92cm. It is mounted on a bracket that sits 1m proud of the wall. There will be a transceiver fixed to the dish which picks up the signal from the satellite and a small black modem box that will stay inside the property. 

Standard Konnect installation


Please consider where you’d like the modem located before your installer arrives. If you’ll be using your connection mainly for work, it may be best to place it in the study, or if more commonly used for streaming, place it in your living room for easier connection to your devices and for the strongest signal. Note that our installer will need to connect your modem to the satellite dish. We supply a 30m cable for this, so you have a good amount of flexibility, but if your house is particularly large you may need to consider this when thinking where to place your modem.

Our installer will call you to arrange a convenient time for the installation, please be sure to be at your property at the agreed time as cancellations with less than two working days’ notice will result in a cancellation fee. 


On the day


Our installer will advise you on the best location to install the satellite dish. You may also have a preference about where the satellite dish is located. We will do our best to facilitate your request, but it may not result in the best signal and so could compromise your internet performance. Our installer will be able to advise and discuss this with you so please be ready to work with us to find the best location. 

We will need to drill through an outside wall of property to feed the coaxial cable from the transceiver to the modem. Our installer will need to lean a ladder against your property to do this and to install the satellite dish. This is just the same as when cable TV services are installed. 

Once the equipment is installed outside, the installer will come into your property to make sure you are konnected and run a speed test to check the service. You’ll be able to start using the service straight away. 

If you unexpectedly require a non-standard installation. For example, needing a bespoke bracket for your building material, our installer will advise you of this. They will discuss options and additional charges with you before any work is carried out.




Your equipment should not need any maintenance, but should you require assistance on any matter, you can contact Konnect customer services directly using the phone number on this website.