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Improve Poor WiFi Signals

If you suffer from a weak WiFi signal, then it may be that you are too far away from the router. Poor WiFi signals also occur when there is something dense, like metal, in the way of the transmission route, so try moving around to improve your connectivity speeds. Bear in mind that WiFi boosters don't improve the speed of internet connections – they merely extend the area that the WiFi will work in.

Connect to Your Router With Ethernet

WiFi can only operate at certain speeds, and the average speed will drop as more devices connect to the same router. Therefore, try plugging your main device(s) into the router with an Ethernet cable. This should improve the speed of the connection to the router, but it won't be able to speed the service up if the broadband service you are signed up to is limited. Bear in mind that Ethernet cables will work for any distance up to 100 metres, so they afford a great degree of flexibility. You will have to put up with the sight of them, however!

Upgrade Your Broadband Package

If improving your poor WiFi signal and using Ethernet cables has not worked, then check your internet service provider (ISP) is offering you their advertised average speed. If they are, then you might consider upgrading to a superior service or a fibre-optic package for speedier results. If faster broadband speeds are not available in your location, then alternatives such as satellite internet are worth considering.

Run Fewer Devices

Another option that many people overlook is simply turning off their devices which are continuously using bandwidth. All too often, devices are left on, which means that they are communicating with servers and other devices over your internet connection, thereby slowing down the speeds available to others. Try disconnecting devices when they're not in use by powering them down or putting them into aeroplane mode. Prioritise devices that may download updates on their own; these include games consoles and computers.

Check for Software Updates

Sometimes, it is the drivers that devices use which is slowing down their connectivity. Updating the operating system of your PC, your tablet or your smartphone may mean that you will enjoy faster internet connection speeds as a result. Of course, downloading software updates also creates a drain on your broadband connection, so it is best to perform these checks at night when the demands from other devices are likely to be lower.

Switch to Reliable Satellite Internet Services

In the UK, it is now possible to connect to the internet without a landline or where there is no 4G signal available via satellite services. Many people ask, Can you game with satellite internet? or have other questions such as whether it is possible to stream TV or videos with satellite internet. It is possible to do all of these things – and many more – despite communicating with a satellite that is in orbit tens of thousands of miles away. Although there is some latency - between 0.6 and 0.7 seconds, the speeds offered are comparable to the very best fibre services and - even better for people who live a long way from their local telephone exchange, these speeds are on offer anywhere.

At Konnect, we can provide high-quality and super-fast internet speeds in rural locations as well as urban ones. All devices work well with the service, so you'll never have to put up with a bad WiFi signal ever again! Why not enquire with us about how we can speed up your internet connection and deal with poor WiFi signals by making use of the latest satellite technology?