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Satellite Broadband Without Landline Requirements

These days, people who are in locations where their landline service is patchy or who want to be free of a physical connection and line rental costs are turning to satellite broadband. At Konnect, we offer first-rate satellite broadband that is suited to both domestic and commercial settings where fast speeds and reliable internet connections are needed, but no phone line is wanted.

Like a 4G service, everything is delivered wirelessly. The big difference with a mobile service, like 4G, is that multiple devices can connect to the same router, which then sends and receives data via a satellite rather than a communications mast. Not only does this mean that broadband without landline services is possible, but it also means being able to connect directly to a satellite, thereby making fast wireless connections possible even where no 4G service exists!

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

If you want to know how satellite internet works, here are some answers. Unlike phone lines, which can get knocked down from telegraph poles in storms, or 4G services, which rely on a network of masts nearby, satellite internet makes use of a signal from a communications satellite that is in orbit over 22,000 miles above the surface of the Earth. A transceiver that can communicate to the satellite will be installed at your property so that you can enjoy the Internet via this satellite.

In short, this means broadband with no phone line, no fibre connection and no reliance on patchy mobile phone services. All of the transmitted data is encrypted, so your information remains private as it is sent out over the internet, too. As such, Konnect is ideal for businesses and families that wish to conduct all of their internet-based activities securely and in the knowledge that they won't run out of data availability, unlike some fixed-line and mobile broadband packages out there.

How Do You Connect to Satellite Internet?

Firstly, you do not need a satellite phone or a computer that can send a signal directly to a communications satellite to benefit from broadband with no phone line. Any standard internet-enabled device can connect to satellite internet easily : once the installation of your satellite transceiver has been professionally conducted by one of our engineers, you can connect to it just as you would any normal broadband router. In other words, simply connect to the kit via an ethernet cable or WiFi, and anything you send out over the internet will be relayed to the satellite service rather than heading down a phone line.

If the idea of WiFi without phone line charges appeals to you, then Konnect's range of monthly packages will certainly make sense. Each of these includes a WiFi router and offers unlimited usage even beyond any priority data allowance. The only major difference is the speeds you can expect, which extend to as much as 75 Mbps, more than enough for most busy households and enterprises. To find out more about broadband without landline connections, call us today.