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Satellite Internet Gets Wexford Connected

Rural areas often lack reliable internet options, especially high-speed broadband solutions. Slow downloads and unstable connections frequently occur when using an inferior internet service provider. Dial-up internet makes it difficult to stream or download content, and using up your mobile data can quickly become costly.

Satellite broadband makes it possible for people in rural areas to browse the web quickly and securely. Educational websites and government services are now within easy reach. Plus, you can rely on uninterrupted stable connections for video calls or e-learning courses. Satellite internet is also perfect for viewing live stories on social media and streaming the latest releases on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Satellite Internet Beyond Wexford

If you live in a rural area, fibre broadband might not be an option yet. It could be years before it becomes available. Don't rely on costly mobile data plans or slow dial-up connections to browse, download or stream online. We offer high-speed satellite broadband all across Ireland, so you can even get satellite internet in:

With satellite broadband in Wexford, residents can enjoy speeds of up to 75 Mbps, enabling them to download and stream content or browse the web. Satellite broadband internet delivers a speed similar to fibre-optic broadband. The performance is also better compared to ADSL.

When you sign up with Konnect, everything to get connected is provided. If you are new to our service, a technician can install the following equipment if you prefer not to self install:

  • A satellite internet dish mounted to the exterior of your property
  • A Wi-Fi router for connecting your devices to the internet wirelessly

Satellite Broadband Packages in Wexford

Everyone uses the internet differently. Some rely on it for work or school, while others use it for gaming or streaming content. We offer tailored packages for various needs, so you can always choose the right internet plan for you. Our rural broadband in Wexford packages include:

  • Lite plan for small families: with an average speed of up to 37 Mbps and 75 GB of data allowance every month
  • Plus plan for large or busy homes: with an average speed of up to 75 Mbps and 150 GB of high-speed data allowance every month

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Konnect provides reliable, affordable high-speed satellite internet in and around Wexford. Our consistent and fast connection enables you to download, stream and browse the web with ease.

Sign up today for satellite internet in Wexford County, or contact us now for more information.