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Satellite Broadband to Connect Kilkenny

If you live within the bustling centre of Kilkenny, reliable high-speed internet is an absolute must. Unfortunately, the residents of Kilkenny's rural areas often can't enjoy the same experiences as the city offers. In addition, fibre-optic broadband may not even reach all the homes in the more remote villages. In such cases, you might need to rely on expensive mobile data or slow dial-up services to access online resources.

Nowadays, internet users need a fast connection. Most websites offering essential services, such as e-learning platforms and government programmes, expect you to have a high-speed internet connection already. Thanks to Konnect's satellite broadband in Kilkenny, now everyone can seamlessly stream their favourite programme or watch the latest football and live rugby matches.

Broadband Internet Access From Anywhere

Whether you live in the town centre or further out in a rural area, satellite broadband technology makes it possible to achieve fast speeds anywhere and anytime. Our satellite internet speed can rival fibre-optic broadband, offering high averages of up to 75 Mbps. So now you don't have to wait for fibre to reach your home. Have a second home or a family member living elsewhere? Connect them with high-speed satellite internet, too. Konnect offers satellite internet packages across all of Ireland, including great broadband deals for:

When you sign up with Konnect, you'll receive all the equipment you need. To eliminate the hassle of changing ISPs, we can even provide professional installation for new subscribers should you not wish to self-install. In addition to the accessing the satellite orbiting the Earth in space, we'll provide you with the following equipment for your home:

  • A satellite internet dish, which we will mount for you on your home's exterior
  • A Wi-Fi router, enabling you to connect devices through a wireless network

Residents Need Rural Broadband in Kilkenny

Fast downloading and seamless streaming are just a couple of things that users expect from a high-speed internet connection. Since not everyone uses the internet the same way, Konnect offers different internet packages to suit your needs. You can choose from the following satellite internet packages:

  • Lite plan for small families: with an average speed of up to 37 Mbps and 75 GB of data allowance every month
  • Plus plan for large or busy homes: with an average speed of up to 75 Mbps and 150 GB of high-speed data allowance every month

Sign Up For Konnect's High-Speed Satellite Internet

With Konnect's satellite broadband service, you'll save money every time you browse, download or stream content. Each package offers unlimited data and a set amount of priority data per billing period. That means your connection speed may drop when you reach your monthly limit, but you won't lose internet access or find any extra data charges.

Contact us today if you want to enjoy high-speed satellite internet in Kilkenny County.