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Important information

We are no longer taking on new home broadband customers in Austria.

However, we continue to supply business connectivity services on Eutelsat-Konnect via our business partners. For more information please visit

If you are an existing Konnect home broadband customer, you should have received notification by email from us to transfer your contract to Bigblu Operations Ltd so you can continue to access your service using the same equipment under the same terms and conditions.  You can contact Bigblu on or on +49 (0)5032 834 3052. If, for the time being, you chose to remain under contract with Eutelsat S.A. you can contact us on 0720 228 797 (cost of a local call).

Why choose us?


up to 75 Mbps

Easy to install

simple to set up 

Great value

Competitive pricing


Internet, wherever you live

What is satellite broadband?

If you can’t get a decent broadband connection through landline or cable then satellite broadband is a great alternative. Our broadband service is beamed from our satellite in space, which means it works pretty much everywhere. Plus its superfast and super good value for money too.


The Internet accessed via a traditional ADSL, fibre or 4G connection is identical to satellite broadband. The main difference is that satellite broadband is available without the need for a cable link or mobile coverage.


Bear in mind though, that the satellite signal travels 44,000 miles to give you coverage everywhere. That creates a slight lag. We therefore don't recommend using satellite broadband for services that require low latency–like multi-player online gaming, for example.

Home broadband in three easy steps

Children enjoying satellite internet while relaxing on a sofa

Choose a package

with a Eutelsat distributor


Get installed

and enjoy high-speed Internet


Pay for your order

online or over the phone

Frequently asked questions

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Is satellite broadband right for me?

If you are unable to get an ADSL or fibre connection - or suffer from slow ADSL speeds (under 10Mbps) - satellite internet may well be the solution for you. 

Satellite broadband is Ideal for rural and semi-rural locations as the satellite dish needs an unobstructed south-facing installation site.  

Konnect's alternative to traditional broadband is perfect for general-purpose internet use including streaming.

However, if you're a dedicated fast-shooter online gamer, satellite internet may not be the solution for you as there is a slight delay.

Find out more about latency

How long does it take to get set up?

Your account will be activated once your equipment has been installed. Our distributor's customer service team will contact you to arrange an installation date after they have processed your order. 

Which plan is right for me?

Our distributors offer a variety of plans with different connection speeds and data allowances. That way you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you work from home or have a busy household you should choose a package with high speed and priority data. If you are an occasional Internet user then go for a smaller data package to optimize your budget.

Are there any limits on my data usage?

Our distributors offer a variety of plans - some may have limited usage or a limited volume of full-speed data. To experience the fastest speeds, it's important you choose a plan with enough priority data allowance to cover your needs. Depending on the package you may be able to benefit from off-peak rates or even free night-time data so you can schedule major downloads and software updates overnight.

Here's what satellite internet customers are saying about the service

Anna Weber

Newly retired

Until recently, we enjoyed the peace and quiet of not being connected, but then it became just too quiet! Now, thanks to konnect, it's easier to stay in touch with friends and family with video calls. We can make purchases and do administration online, and it's simple.

Stefan Hofmann


For us, it was essential to stay connected when we moved out to the country. With konnect, I know I can work from home and our kids find it easy to study ... as well as use social networks, of course.

Legal notice

(1.) Eligibility: package reserved for home use on condition of availability in the region selected. Price: prices include all taxes. Activation fee: the Activation fee of €49 Inc. VAT is invoiced following your first order. Payment: the Activation fee is payable at the time of the subscription; the recurring fees are payable monthly. Standard installation: the standard installation of the Konnect Equipment costs 349€ incl. VAT, of which 250€ incl. VAT are paid by Eutelsat S.A. and 99.00€ incl. VAT are at your expense. Additional fees: potential additional fees (non-standard installation, termination fee, non-return equipment fee…) are listed in the “Konnect Tariffs and Fees Guide. Konnect Equipment: the Konnect Equipment is essential for the use of our satellite internet services and is provided by Eutelsat S.A.. Delivery: Konnect Equipment will be delivered within ten (10) working days following the receipt by Eutelsat S.A. of the payment of Your Activation fee, of Your Contract signed and of a valid means of payment of Your monthly fee. Installation: standard installation of the Konnect Equipment and activation of the services are performed by a professional approved by Eutelsat S.A. within twenty (20) working days following the receipt by Eutelsat S.A. of the payment of Your Activation fee, of Your Contract signed and of a valid means of payment of Your monthly fee. Standard installation depends on the location of the installation and its complexity, but it does not depend on the number of hours required to complete the installation. Standard installation depends, in particular, on the possible locations for the antenna (lateral walls that are easily accessible with a class-1 ladder (up to 130Kg load), a roof accessible from the building’s stairs or with a class-1 ladder (up to 130Kg load) with mounting fixed to the interior wall, wall or parapet, roof surface or ground; ground-floor with concrete base with good satellite visibility, the distance of cable routing - 30m with a standard Konnect Equipment cable. The routing of the cable must be satisfactory and achievable). Any non-standard installation is liable to incur additional fees at your cost, which will be specified by the installers and subject to your prior approval (to find out more about the types of non-standard installation and the associated fees, consult the “Contractual Conditions” and “Konnect Tariffs and Fees Guide). Installation fees constitute services independent of the Satellite internet access services to be paid upon completion of the installation and will not be reimbursed in the case of termination or withdrawal. Right of withdrawal: as a consumer, in case of distance contract, You benefit from a withdrawal period that must be exercised (for example by fulfilling and sending Us this form) no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the Activation of the Service included in Your Package. In case of withdrawal, your Activation fee will be reimbursed (but not the standard and potential non-standard installation fee). Duration: indefinite Contract period, initial subscription 11 months plus the pro-rata of the month during which your service is activated (at the same time your Konnect Equipment is installed). Data speed: speeds are expressed in Megabits per second. The speeds (data speeds) advertised are maximum speeds available within your priority data allowance. They may vary according to your use, your location within a geographic area, and are not guaranteed (for more information on data speed, consult the Standard Information Sheet). Priority data: with the Konnect Easy, Konnect Zen, Konnect Max 120, Konnect Max 200 and Konnect Max 350 packages, once you reach 20Gb, 60Gb, 120Gb, 200Gb and 350Gb of data consumption respectively, your data consumption may be reduced in favour of other users on the network during peak times, and your download speed may be affected. Your consumption is not counted at night (01:00 to 06:00 in the morning - local time). Latency: latency is between 600 and 700 milliseconds. Video: The quality of continuous video streaming is indicated “up to” which means that there is a maximum quality that the Household or family can achieve for one video stream with the Konnect Package (depending on the Package purchased). It may vary and it is not guaranteed. Online gaming and websites requiring a fast response time: You are informed that the characteristics of satellite internet connection are not suitable for this type of use. Termination: You may terminate your Contract without termination fees after expiry of the initial subscription period by giving thirty (30) days' prior notice. After-sales assistance: please refer to the Standardized Information Sheet. Dispute resolution: We will always do Our best to find an amicable solution to potential disputes before going to a court, in particular through a mediation process (via the conciliation body of the RTR  at: via the European dispute resolution platform: but you are free to choose). For more information on the contractual conditions for the Konnect packages (in particular regarding security or integrity incidents management, maintenance and services, or commercial guarantees), consult the Contractual Conditions.

If you require a hardcopy of this information, you may download it here.

Processing your data: Unless indicated “optional”, the information collected is required to process your request. This information is the subject of automated processing under the responsibility of Eutelsat S.A. (marketing Konnect’s product and services) and is intended for use by departments within Eutelsat S.A., the companies belonging to Eutelsat S.A.’s group and its suppliers responsible for the processing of your request and subsequent actions. You also have a right to access, correct, limit, delete, oppose (for legitimate reasons) the processing of your personal data, their sharing with third parties, a right to oppose the reception of marketing information, a right to the portability of your data, a right to define what happens to your personal data after your death and, as appropriate, to withdraw your consent at any time. You can exercise your rights by sending an email to the following address: or by regular mail at: Eutelsat S.A. – DPO Service Konnect – 32, Boulevard Gallieni - 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux – France, with proof of identity. For more information on your rights and the way in which Eutelsat S.A. stores and uses your personal data, we invite you to consult our Personal Data Protection Policy.

(2.) Offer: Under the current “60-Day No Commitment Promise” applicable to any first subscription made between September 28, 2021 and June 30, 2022 (included), you are offered the possibility to terminate your contract without paying the termination fee for a period up to sixty (60) calendar days following the Activation of the service. Your Activation fee will be refunded but you will not be refunded the standard and any non-standard installation costs if they apply.