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If you want to know how to get broadband without a phone line, Ireland has two main options. You could either rely on a patchy mobile network or opt for a satellite connection instead. Is one better than the other? The short answer is that this depends on your needs. Mobile data is convenient if you move around a lot, but there are some drawbacks, such as:

  • There may be no service in your area, even if you switch to another network provider.
  • You'll have limited speeds and often find that large downloads take forever.
  • Capped mobile data means you might not be capable of doing what you want online towards the end of the billing period.

All these factors will come into play when it comes to why you might not want to rely on mobile data communications. However, there is another major aspect of mobile data you should consider. That would be the cost.

Often, mobile data packages are contracted on a month-to-month basis and have extremely high subscription prices. Some offer only a limited amount of data per month, which starts ramping up the costs. People on pay-as-you-go data rates will often spend much more money than they need. On the other hand, satellite internet costs might be much less than what you're thinking. In other words, you could save a lot on your internet costs by simply ditching your current mobile data package and shifting to a new satellite broadband connection with Konnect.

Of course, you may ask yourself, is satellite internet secure? The answer to this question is an absolute yes, as it has all the industry-standard encryption one could expect. Consequently, there is also nothing holding you back from making the switch, especially if you live in a place where broadband speeds are traditionally poor.

Satellite Internet Prices Compared To Other Connections

Satellite broadband costs about the same as a standard connection made through your local telephone exchange. But, of course, a direct comparison with wired broadband is not always possible because:

  • Some internet service providers hide their installation costs within their monthly fees.
  • There can be hidden charges for various things like international phone calls made over phone lines that also serve as a fixed-line broadband connection.
  • Some so-called special offers mean that the price you pay is not what you'll end up forking out once the initial offer ends. Often, you'll be bound to a more expensive deal with penalty fees for early termination.
  • Line rental fees may change at any time during your contract.

Overall, satellite internet pricing is more straightforward, and it even compares favourably against the best fibre optic and landline broadband prices. Compared to most mobile data packages, it is more favourable due to faster speeds, better connections and more generous data allowances on offer.

Read on to discover exactly how much satellite broadband costs.

A Breakdown of Konnect's Satellite Internet Prices

Since there are no line rental fees, Konnect's satellite internet costs are extremely attractive. There are two packages designed to suit the different demands of every household. Each satellite broadband package includes either professional or self-installation. This way, you don't need to know how to connect to satellite internet, so you can conveniently leave it for the experts.

Here are Konnect's two satellite internet pricing options in summary:

  • Starter €37.90 PCM – average downloading speed of 20 Mbps – includes a Wi-Fi router
  • Lite: €47.90 PCM – average downloading speed of 37 Mbps – includes a Wi-Fi router
  • Plus: Special offer at €47.90 PCM – average downloading speed of 75 Mbps – includes a Wi-Fi router

As you can see, that's a lot of speed for the money. Remember that this reliable service needs no phone line or local data mast nearby. It will work anywhere in Ireland with direct communication to a satellite orbiting the Earth.

What Other Factors Might Drive Up Your Satellite Broadband Costs?

Data usage is uncapped with Konnect. This way, you won't get any nasty surprises with unexpected fees to pay because you have exceeded them. Your data allowance depends on the package you have chosen. If you exceed this, then the speed of your connection may be limited temporarily, but you will always enjoy a broadband connection without having to pay for more. Data used between 1 am to 6 am does not count towards your allowance, either!

In fact, the only way your satellite internet costs will rise is if you upgrade to a higher package after becoming so impressed, so go ahead and subscribe now for a great connection!