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Eutelsat has always been at the leading edge of high-speed satellite Internet

In Europe, the history of satellite Internet for residential use began in 2012 with the launch, by Eutelsat, of the first satellite dedicated to high-speed Internet.

Covering the UK and 15 other countries in Europe and North Africa, Eutelsat enabled hundreds of thousands of homes and companies that suffered from poor connectivity or were in so called ‘not-spots’ to have an Internet connection similar to ADSL, without having to wait for ground or mobile networks to be deployed. Even in 2012, Eutelsat was working to bridge the digital divide that had spread throughout Europe.

Superfast broadband everywhere, for everyone

Ten years later...

Superfast connections are now available for everyone, even in the most remote regions

With konnect, you can now enjoy:

more speed

average download speeds of up to 75 Mbps!

more simplicity

from delivery to professional installation, with a customer service department ready to help every day, konnect takes care of everything!

more peace of mind

our packages are very competitively priced and include the provision of the equipment

more Internet

unlimited offers and boosted performance so you can find new ways to use it!

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Why are more people than ever calling for satellite Internet?

Can you live wherever you want and still get a superfast connection? You can now, thanks to konnect.

Our technology offers better performance than ADSL connections, comparable to fibre optic, at very high speeds, with average download speeds up to 75 Mbps.

How does satellite Internet performance compare to other technologies?

chart comparing types of internet

Satellite Internet: how does it work?

No need to wait for fibre optic cable to be deployed or undertake costly work to get connected.

It has never been easier to have an Internet connection via satellite. With Internet via satellite, you can get connected no matter where you live.

Select the package that best suits your needs, place your order, then we’ll contact you to organise the installation so you can enjoy all the benefits of very superfast satellite Internet.

How do I install the konnect equipment?

You don't have to. With konnect, you get a complete kit delivered when you place your order, including

  • a satellite dish to emit and receive the signal

  • an Internet box, with Wi-Fi included

And konnect does the rest!

With standard free installation for new subscriptions, a professional­—qualified and certified by konnect—installs the equipment and makes sure your kit is up and running. The technician visits your home, installs the equipment and activates the service.

konnect - it’s that simple!

Did you know?

24,000 miles

Eutelsat Konnect is a geostationary satellite: it is in orbit 24,000 miles above the Earth, which means it is orbiting at the same speed as our planet rotates, so it provides all of the covered zones with a fixed, superfast Internet connection! Technology and human engineering come together to offer high-performance connectivity that is easy to use and at an affordable price.

75 Mbps

Konnect is a High Throughput Satellite (HTS), concentrating the signal onto several zones forming the konnect coverage area to provide a superfast connection, with average download speeds of up to 75 Mbps! A first in Europe and Africa with Internet service via satellite.

£300 included

The equipment needed to receive the konnect satellite service is worth hundreds of pounds! To make access to this technology easier, we are providing this equipment at no charge, so a maximum number of people can connect to the Internet, wherever they may be, without having to pay a small fortune.